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Meet the treadmill that's not a treadmill.

Introducing KICKR RUN, a revolutionary rethink of the traditional treadmill experience that brings the freedom and joy of outdoor running into your home, to help you achieve your goals.

Run Real

  • RunFree Mode
  • Natural Responsive Surface
  • Lateral Tilt

Using advanced position sensing technology to automatically adjust the belt speed to your stride, KICKR RUN allows you to run hands-free, even as you change your pace. This immersive experience frees you to run naturally and focus purely on the joy of running.


  • Elite Speed
  • Intuitive Speed & Grade Control
  • Automatic Speed & Grade Control

KICKR RUN is designed to help you get faster. And for competitive runners the road to faster is about more than just going fast. It’s about having the ability to change pace and focus on specific metrics and drills to become a more complete runner.

Run Connected

  • WiFi, Bluetooth, & Direct Connectivity
  • Integrates with Zwift, Wahoo SYSTM, or TrainingPeaks

KICKR RUN is designed for serious runners with serious goals. And to help you achieve those goals faster, we’ve made it simple to connect KICKR RUN to training experiences and devices that will help you get the most from your indoor workouts.

“Astoundingly addictive. This is by far the best treadmill running experience I’ve ever’s mind-boggling...super super cool!”

- DC Rainmaker

“The KICKR RUN’s RunFree mode is important and impactful in its own right, game or no game. But it’s a terribly important moment in treadmill development, as it unlocks the gamification of stationary running.”
“I expect this device to work much like the others in Wahoo’s ecosystem and that ecosystem has always been Wahoo’s secret weapon. Device charging, USB-C ports, WiFi connectivity an easy integration with Wahoo SYSTM and Zwift Run are of course part of the feature set.”

“as a keen runner who has tested many great treadmills, I’ve yet to find one that captures the feeling of running outdoors. The new Wahoo Kickr Run is designed to change that. Wahoo’s first treadmill looks set to be one of the most innovative and its aim is to create a realistic outdoor running experience for indoor runners”

“Unlike anything else in Wahoo’s Kickr lineup, this new offering promises to revolutionize the running experience much like the Kickr Smart Trainer did for cyclists”

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